FGM Govt. College Adampur, Hisar

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic, and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms, etc

Various committees of the college are constituted to plan and ensure that is in line with its academic growth. Each committee consists of permanent and extension facility members and they perform their duties efficiently in the interest of the college. Each committee conducts meetings on regular basis to discuss matters which are relating to the improvement of the college.

Procedure for maintenance of the facility

Every year college council meetings are conducted regularly to discuss important issues for the growth and development of the institution. The college ensures regular maintenance and upkeep of all infrastructure facilities. The maintenance work is carried out by trained in-house experts as well as outsourced to appropriate outside agencies. Furniture and equipment are purchased on regular basis as per requirements. The cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation, water supply, electricity, security, and other facilities are taken care of well. The head of the institution regularly monitors all activities.

Procedure for utilization of facilities

The decisions with respect to the proposals for initiating programs in the college are taken collectively in the staff meeting. The efforts are being poured by the staff for the efficient use of the time, keeping in view the need to balance academics, co-circular and extracurricular activities.

(i)        Sports: - This institution has a well-equipped and managed sports section. Every year college students participate in the university, regional, zonal, district, state-level, national-level, and international-level sports events. After class hours regular practices are made by the students on the college campus.

(ii)       Computers: - Apart from the computer laboratory the college has computers in the Commerce laboratory, Mathematics laboratory, English language laboratory, and Geography laboratory. Daily classes are conducted according to the timetable in these laboratories. All maintenance & repair charges are borne by the college. All college departments have independent computer systems with internet facilities.

LIBRARY (Digital library)

In the library, all the books are barcoded. Books are issued to the faculty members and students through manual & computer systems. Every year new books are purchased and added to the library as per requirements and grants received from the government. Old students pursuing higher education can also avail of the facility of the library reference purpose only. Other facilities such as photocopy, computer with Wi-Fi and internet are also available in the library. Newspapers in both the languages Hindi and English are also available in the library. Apart from this various magazines and competitive books are also available in the college library. The library is systematically maintained by qualified staff.


There are 35 classrooms and 16 labs are there in the college in addition to the above one video lecture recording rooms, Eduset room, smart classroom, girls’ common room, boys’ recreational room, and other necessary offices/depts. also are well equipped.